Why Kidball?

Top Notch Instruction

When participating in KIDBALL Sports your child will receive the finest instruction available. The sessions will be the same time and location every week to fit your busy schedule. The children who have stuck with KIDBALL are truly the most talented kids in the area. This is accomplished within a positive, encouraging environment, without forcing a competitive league or an over aggressive coach on the children before their skills are ready.

Returning KIDBALL FAMILY, you know KIDBALL will provide a positive learning environment whatever KIDBALL SPORT you choose.

If you are new to KIDBALL, your child will be part of a structured (every minute is planned) session that will teach your child how to play. Coach Ronnie’s own children are a part of KIDBALL and he will ensure KIDBALL is the best place for your child too!

What Separates a Kidball Coach from the rest?

Many people say a good coach comes from good experience. However, this is not always the case with youth sports. What separates a Kidball coach from the rest is their ability to connect with kids in a way that they find comfortable. Also, a good coach can adapt to different learning speeds to accommodate all different types of kids.

Interactive Process

Parent Coaches
Every week you will be asked to go over a set of skills with your child one-on-one. This part of the practice lasts about 20 minutes. Interactive practice can be done with a parent, older sibling, grandparent, or other older family member.

Why Parental Interaction?
The success of KIDBALL is based on the philosophy that parental interaction is most important. Kids cannot be dropped off. This is a time to play and watch your child’s skill level and confidence skyrocket! Parents (significant Adults) are asked to participate the first 20 minutes of each session. Then parents can continue to interact as much as they feel their child needs or sit back and enjoy the game.

Long Term Approach

After teaching this program to hundreds of kids we have learned that all children do not learn at the same speeds and that over a period of time we can get all players to the same level. We strive to give all of our kids an equal chance at learning in a no pressure environment while introducing them to the competitive sports world. In our program children move up gradually within, and only move up when they are ready to take on the next level of play. We always keep activities age appropriate. Kids who have stuck with Kidball have become some the most talented in the area.