A note to new parents from a Kidball Dad:

I started my son with Kidball T-ball at age 4. At the time it was a terrific way to get him involved in team sports and instruction at an early age. I love sports but didn't know how to teach the proper technique for any of the major sports. A friend recommended the program and it has been one of the best things I've organized for my son and daughter.

My son is probably not going to the olympics. But, between his desire to play and the mindful coaching and teaching methods at Kidball, he's reached a level in multiple sports that I never thought would be possible. More important - he loves playing team sports and has learned how to interact with coaches, the kids on his team and opposing teams, etc. The social aspects of his 6 years in Kidball cannot be underestimated!

And, Kidball Basketball and Baseball have given my daughter a path to developing the skills and confidence to play at the same level as the boys her age. More families should get their daughters involved. All of the parents on my kid's teams agree that Coach Ronnie's organization, methods and coaching style have been integral in their children's development - on and off the field.

New parents - don't be surprised if you find that spending time with your child at Kidball activities becomes the highlight of your week!

- Brian Kraff, Bethesda

Coach Ronnie sets a standard that I've used in coaching other teams. All Kidball parents cannot help but be influenced by his very positive, encouraging and disciplined teaching style.

- Marc Zwillinger, Bethesda

Kidball has become one of the most important parts of my son's life (and, yes, all of his friends). My youngest is now starting baseball too!

- Ralph Adams, Potomac

First, let me say that Jack had the greatest time at your camp the past 2 weeks! Everyone was so kind and encouraging to him. I loved dropping him off at camp, being greeted by one of the coaches and every single one of them knew his name! Please send the thank you to your entire staff as well. You run a wonderful program and we are looking forward to continuing Kidball throughout the year!

- Amy and Ted Pogorelc